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I’m a photo fanatic. I have had to upgrade my iPhone for the sole purpose of getting more memory for all the pictures I take. If this sounds like you, keep reading for some tips on Disney’s convenient PhotoPass program! We usually opt for the Memory Maker package because it includes unlimited photos instead of having to purchase each photo individually (which can get expensive if you like photos!).

The photographers will take your pictures for you on your cell phone as well.

Nowadays, with everyone owning a smartphone, it’s not uncommon for people to want a photo taken on it. Usually, if you ask nicely, the photographers will snap a quick one on your phone as well.

They sometimes add a little magical element to your photo.

They don’t always do this, and it seems random, but it’s really cool when they do. I’m sure you could probably ask for it.

If you link your group’s Magic bands, everyone has access to all the pictures

I like doing this because I can see what the other groups in my party are doing, and then I have all the pictures to put together for an album instead of only the pictures of people I’m with all day.

There are photographers at every major landmark in the parks as well as random ones throughout (See the app for all locations)

Sometimes, you might be able to catch a photographer walking around, and they are usually more than happy to snap a pic for you real quick.

You can view your pictures in real time on the Disney app

I like this because you can review what pictures you’ve already taken in case you’ve forgotten in all the excitement!

What other tips do you guys know? Leave me a comment below!


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