Disney FastPass+ Tips and Tricks

If you are like me and you hate waiting around and wasting time when you could be exploring all that Disney has to offer, then you need to sign up for some FastPasses. Here’s a step by step on how to get started.

Plan your parks ahead of time and buy your tickets

As soon as you purchase your tickets, set your calendar for 30 days out from your park day. Starting at 7am Eastern, you can log into your account on Disney’s website and pick your FastPasses. (If you are staying on a Disney resort, you can book your FastPasses up to 60 days in advance for free!)

Decide which parks you want to go and what rides you want to ride.

Plan our your day with your family and make sure everyone has their “must go on” list of rides. This ensures no one is left out. (Kids 3 and younger do not need FastPasses since they are riding with you.)

Research the rides

Not all the rides in the parks are eligible for FastPass. Depending on what you want to ride, your timing on your FastPass may change. For those rides not available for FastPasses, I recommend going straight there as soon as the park opens. The lines will be shortest then so you will want to plan your other FastPasses for later in the morning.

Reserve your FastPasses for early morning

You can only reserve up to 3 FastPasses ahead of time, and after that, you can only add one FastPass at a time at a FastPass kiosk on the park. So I recommend you reserve your FastPasses for early morning since you can’t add anymore on the day of your visit until you use up your original three. If you have them all later in the day, you end up having to wait in lines for the entire morning.

Get the Disney Parks app to coordinate w/friends

If you have a large group of people going with you, make sure you all sign up for the same FastPasses if you plan on riding the rides together. If some of your party plan on riding other rides, if your passes are close by each other, you usually have about a window of an hour to ride your FastPass ride.

You can get FastPasses for some of the character greetings

If you are a fan of some of the more popular Disney characters, consider using one of your FastPasses for them.

I hope this lets you guys get an idea of the FastPass+! Let me know if I’ve left anything out!


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