DIY Valentine’s Day Oreo Pops

Hello, lovelies! One of my favorite holidays is coming up: Valentine’s Day! And, it’s not because it’s also my birthday (well, on the 13th). Seriously, though. Who doesn’t love a holiday that’s all about LOVE?!

So, to celebrate, I made some Oreo Cake pops, because why not?! What’s better than oreos and chocolate? Oreos DIPPED IN chocolate!

You will need:
A package of Oreos (I got a big family sized one because I knew I would end up breaking a few!)
White chocolate chips (I used CandiQuik)
Food coloring (use and oil-based one for mixing with chocolate)
Treat sticks

First, you need to separate all of the oreo cookies by twisting gently. Then, insert a stick into the frosting on one side of the oreo by gently wiggling.

After you have done that, remove the stick and dip it in the melted chocolate. This helps the stick stay inside and keep it from coming apart when you dip the Oreo.

After “gluing” the Oreos back together, allow them to dry for a few minutes to ensure the chocolate is completely hardened. At this time, get your chocolate melted and ready to dip. Whenever I melt chocolate for dipping, I usually add a little bit of Crisco to help it coat easier. It works really well for cake balls, but it was kind of a mess with the Oreos. I’m not sure if I just used too much or if was the texture of the cookies, but it didn’t coat very well at all. So I would suggest skipping the Crisco if you do the same thing.

After I dipped them, I let as much drip off as I could and then I laid it flat down on parchment paper. If you have a cake pop holder to hold them standing upright, you would need to let the majority of the chocolate run off before setting them up to dry.

If you want to decorate the Oreo pops with sprinkles, make sure you do it before the chocolate coating dries. If you are wanting to drizzle it with a color (like I did), lay the Oreo flat, and take a small amount of colored chocolate and using a fork, kind of flick the fork back and forth to make those drizzle lines thinner or thicker, depending on how fast you move the fork. Make sure the chocolate you are using for this is really runny (either really warm, or adding Crisco) for it to work the best.

And there you have it! This was lots of fun to do and SO easy; it’s a fun project to do with the kids as well as long as you don’t mind a little bit of a mess (Let’s be honest, though, what house full of kids isn’t even a LITTLE messy?!).

Have you tried making Oreo pops? If so, how did they turn out? What fun ways have you tried decorating them?


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