St Patrick’s Day Slime

St Patrick's Day Slime

Do your kids love slime as much as mine do?

Well then, we have something in common. I don’t blame them, though. The texture and properties of slime is just so fun to play with.

St Patrick’s Day isn’t celebrated enough.

Retailers go straight from Valentine’s Day to Easter. What happened to March? Do we just ignore it and pretend it never happened? Let’s pay homage to this fun holiday by making some St Patrick’s Day slime!

Ingredients Needed

I followed LittleBinsForLittleHands post for making my slime. I like it because it is really simple to follow and uses very minimal ingredients. Which means more money I can save and less time shopping for everything.

It’s not St Patrick’s Day slime without green, and my favorite crafting material is GLITTER! I know it’s a mess to clean up, but who doesn’t love something shiny? I also wanted to add some texture to it, but I couldn’t find anything St Patrick’s Day related that I could throw in there. There were these necklaces that had four leaf clover beads on it so I got that to cut up and throw in the slime.

St Patrick's Slime Ingredients
St Patrick’s Slime Ingredients
  • Elmer’s clear glue
  • Baking Soda
  • Glitter
  • St Patrick’s Day Four beads
  • Mixing bowl
  • Plastic spoons
  • Enthusiastic kids! (Or, you know, adults. I’m not here to judge.)

We started out by having the kids pour out all the glue into a disposable container. It’s so funny how different my kids are. My daughter poured out MAYBE 1/4 of it in like two seconds while my son took two MINUTES and made sure to get every last drop. In the recipe I found, it called for 6 oz of glue, but I could only find 9 oz bottles, so I had to improvise with some of the other products by adding a tiny bit more.

Play around with the consistency

Since I wasn’t sure the exact amounts of baking soda and contact/saline solution to add, I just kind of added a little bit at a time, pausing every so often to work it in. Sometimes, it takes a minute for all the ingredients to mix so it may feel stickier than normal, but once you work it in, it starts to solidify. Take your time working it in, too. I tried to rush it and kept adding contact/saline solution because it was so sticky which ended up turning the “slime” into more of a bouncy ball.

Add aaallll the glitter

I know you’re probably thinking I’m crazy for letting my kids play with glitter. Honestly, I’m sure I had a momentary mental breakdown because I should have seen what happens next coming from a mile away. It was all good and all until my 2.5 year old got a hold of the bottle of glitter and started dumping it everywhere! So, tips for mommies, get out only enough glitter to add to the slime and not the whole bottle. (I’m going to be sweeping up glitter for weeks.)

Add more textures

I wanted something extra in the slime to really break the consistency up so I got these clover necklaces and cut off each bead to mix in with the slime.

AND, voila! There you have it! My kids have been playing with this for the past few days. It’s gotten pretty dirty and disgusting, but what’s nice about homemade slime is, once you are done with it, you can make more and tailor it to the next holiday/event!

How do you celebrate St Patricks Day? Any advice on different homemade slime recipes? Let me know in the comments below!

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