Simple DIY Plant Stand

I have been addicted to indoor plants lately. Maybe it’s because it brings life to an otherwise dull space. Perhaps it’s because it is 2020, and the world decided to be weird with this killer virus, so we are all stuck inside. There is no telling, but I’ve been collecting, and I have no place to put them. So what’s a girl to do?! Tell hubby to make her a stand, of course! I didn’t want anything too fancy, just a simple space to place my plants. So I sketched up a quick design in Sketchup and handed it off to my husband.

After the husband cut out all the pieces, we glued the legs to the top to secure it to screw it on from the top. Because we didn’t have any tabletop fasteners on-hand, we used CA glue to get an instant set to work on it right away.

After we screwed the legs on from the top, we covered the hole and smoothed it off.

Next, I took the bottom shelf and cut out the notches for the legs on my scroll saw.

We decided to add a trim to add some dimension to the stand, so while I was cutting the notches on the bottom shelf, hubby glued the trim on the top shelf and then brad nailed it on to secure it.

Next was sanding and painting. I wanted a simple white stand so it wouldn’t detract from the beauty of the plants. I did about three coats of white. Then, I finished it with a polyacrylic topcoat to protect it from water from the plants.

And, here it is! So easy and simple!

Where do ya’ll keep your plants in the house?


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