Our Modsy Experience

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If you have social media, I’m sure you see a ton of ads that you just blow right through. But, every once in a while, there’s one that catches your eye. For me, it was Modsy, an online interior design service. We had been in our house for about 2 years and lots of spaces still feel like we never moved in. There’s random things thrown about, none of the furniture matches, or it’s just empty. I have NO eye for design. I love arts and crafts, but when it comes to designing a home, I just can’t seem to make it work. I see all the posts on Pinterest, and as hard as I try, I just don’t know how to bring that design into my own space. So, of course, when Modsy scrolled across my feed, I stopped dead in my track. An affordable interior design service that finds and places products into your very own space? Sign me up! And, I can’t say I’m disappointed! In fact, we loved the first design experience so much, we have done FOUR more and will eventually do our entire home. The best part? They pick pieces from popular online retailers, but you can order directly from them and they match prices to get you the best deal available. How can you go wrong?

The Process

One of the first things you do is take a style quiz so the designers at Modsy know what you like. For us, it’s the ever-so-popular modern farmhouse style (thanks, Joanna Gaines), mixed with minimalism (what hubby likes). The hubs had been talking about doing our front entry way for a while, but for some reason, just couldn’t commit to a console or anything else for that matter. So, not knowing what to expect from Modsy, we decided to do that small space first to see how it goes.

So once we decided on that space, you go through their very-detailed step by step process where they ask you questions like what you would like to include in the design, what you already have that you’d like them to design around, and anything else that you can think of. Then, you measure the space and upload photos so they can make a 3D model of your space. You also set your budget so they have something to work off of. You can have them adhere strictly to the budget or use it as a reference point, or you could just let them pick quality over quantity. We used the budget as a general guide.

The Before

See what I mean about bare? Two years here and still never did anything with this space.

The Designs

So once all of your information is uploaded, you submit your project and within a couple of days (or you can expedite the design for an additional fee), you get two different designs to choose from. Obviously, you aren’t going to love every piece they pick, so their online editor lets you swap out products for similar ones. You can also request changes if either design just doesn’t speak to you. Here are the initial two we got:

We didn’t care for this design very much. The color of the pieces didn’t seem to match with our house, and it just felt too bulky for this space. But, we did tell them we wanted some shoe storage so that is maybe why they chose the cabinet.

This next one was amazing, but we didn’t do the measurements correctly to the right of the coat closet, and the pieces they put there (the seating and coat rack) were too big for that wall. But, I loved the idea of a coat rack and wanted to keep it so bad!

So we messaged them with the new measurements and told them we wanted to keep the coat rack, and we got a new design within the same day!

The final design is like when you find the right wedding dress. You just KNOW. It feels right, it fits perfect, and it’s better than you could have ever imagined.

I mean, how beautiful is that?!

Here is the finished product:

Just look at those mirrors! So beautiful and modern, but timeless! And, just because I can’t stop staring at it, here’s a side by side.

I just can’t stop admiring and showing off our new space! And this is just the beginning! Here is a sneak peek at their design for our daughter’s room (I wanted a pink/cream/gold aesthetic which they nailed on the dot!):

And, while we’re on it (since I can’t help it), here’s their take on our son’s room:

Never in a million years could I think up something so beautiful! And, the easy part is I can just order everything from them instead of having to search for each piece myself!

So, if you are terrible at interior design, but want a lovely space at a reasonable price, give Modsy a try! It is SO much FUN!

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